VIKTEC Master Engine Timing Tool Kit For Toyota and Mitsubishi

VIKTEC Master Engine Timing Tool Kit For Toyota and Mitsubishi
Product feature
This comprehensive tool kit includes a large number of crankshaft pulley holding tool for using on a wide range of Toyota vehicle. The OEM reference is included possible but the kit includes a variety of different sized struts and adaptors to cover any variation. This master engine timing tool kit specifically compiles to give a comprehensive range of the engine timing locking tool for the cam belt, the chain and the gear.
Application: For Toyota, Mitsubishi Important kit is for working on the motor, e.g. the timing belt, the general motor setting and the camshaft.

A-Crankshaft Pulley Holding Tool MD 990767.
B-Universal Handle 09330-0021.
C-Crankshaft Pulley Holding Tool 09278-54012.
D-Crankshaft Pulley Puller 09223-15030.
E-Crankshaft Pulley Puller 09213-54015.
F-Crankshaft Pulley Puller 09213-14010.
G-Camshaft Sprocket Puller 09951-05010.
H-Threaded Screws M8 x 65mm 2pc.
I-Threaded Screws M8 x 116mm 2pc.
J-Threaded Screws M8 x 106mm 2pc.
K-Threaded Screws M8 x 88mm 2pc.
L-Threaded Screws M6 x 80mm 2pc.
M-Threaded Screws M8 x 55mm 2pc.
N-M6 x 100mm 2pc 09954-05061.
O-M6 x 30mm 2pc 09954-05051.
P-Connector 09957-04010.
Q-M10 x 1.25 Adaptor 2pc 09955-05010.
R-M10 x 1.5 Adaptor 2pc 09955-05020.
S-M12 x 1.25 Adaptor 2pc 09955-05030.
T-M12 x 1.5 Adaptor 2pc 09955-05040.
U-M8 x 75mm 2pc 09954-05070.
V-M8 x 50mm 2pc 09954-05021.
W-M8 x 150mm 2pc 09954-05041.
X M5 x 100mm 2pc 09954-05011.
Y-M8 x 100mm 2pc 09954-05031.
Z-M8 x 225mm 2pc 09954-05080.
AA-Pressure bolt 100 for Item G 09953-05010.
AB-Pressure bolt 150 for Item G 09953-05020.
AC-Legs for Item G 09952-05010.
AD-Tensioner Wrench MD998738.
AE-Tensioning Pulley Holding Tool MD998767.

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