VIKTEC Air Hammer Set

VIKTEC Air Hammer Set
Air Hammer Set

1PC-air hammer
1PC-63 mm Large Concave Hammer
1PC-7"x 24 mm Impact Ball Joint Separator
1PC-7"x 20 mm Impact Ball Joint Separator
2PC-Impact Exhaust Slitting Chisel
1PC-20 mm Flat Chisel
1PC-Point Chisel
1PC-74 mm Large Flat Hammer
1PC-38 mm Medium Flat Hammer
1PC-1/2"D Adaptor Hammer          
1PC-25 mm Hammer
1PC-Track Rod Hammer
1PC-38.5 mm Diameter Body 
               Smoother Hammer
1PC-Pneumatic Plug insertion needle 
               Φ4 mm x152 mmL
3PC-Φ29 mm Copper Hammer
1PC-Blow Molded Case

With quick-change chuck
With kickback damping
Impact rate: 2200 / min.
Chisel shank: around 10 mm
Working stroke: 98 mm
Working pressure: 6.2 bar