VIKTEC Inner Drive Shaft Extractor Fork

VIKTEC Inner Drive Shaft Extractor Fork
Product Feature
The driveshafts on many front-wheel drives are held in the gearbox by a spring clip locking ring. To remove the driveshaft from the vehicle, the inner driveshaft requires levering out. Unless the correct tool is used that can provide the required leverage in exactly the right place, the gearbox casing, as well as the driveshaft joint, are at risk of being damaged. The 8103 Inner Driveshaft Extractor Fork has been specifically designed to allow the correct controlled force to be applied to the inner driveshaft to lever it out quickly and easily. No hammer is required.
  • Applications include: Ford, Mazda, Volvo, Renault, Dacia & other front wheel drive vehicles.
  • Total length: 390mm; jaw width: 82mm.
  • Dipped rubber-coated handle on hardened steel lever with specially heat treated lever points.
  • Designed to engage between the inner driveshaft and the gearbox housing to lever out the driveshaft.
  • Application designed for driveshaft held into the gearbox by spring clip locking ring.