VIKTEC Drive Shaft Extractor Axle Popper Wedge & Shim Kit
Product Feature
A set of driveshaft extractor forks is designed to be used together or individually depending on the driveshaft/gearbox design being worked on.
  • Designed to engage between the gearbox housing and the driveshaft. Applications include: Ford, Mazda, Volvo, Renault, Dacia and other front wheel drive vehicles with pop out drive shafts.
  • One fork has tapered forks and the other has plain forks (same thickness on full length), allowing even pressure to be applied, reducing potential of damage.
  • Use both forks together for best affect.
  • Fork thickness: 12.5mm; taper from 12.5mm to 4mm; fork aperture 50mm.
  • Overall length: 350mm.