VIKTEC Chassis Ear Auto Diagnostic Tool Kit Engine Noises Stethoscope

VIKTEC Chassis Ear Auto Diagnostic Tool Kit Engine Noises Stethoscope
Product feature
Chassis Ear with Seek Out the Troubling Noises;
Multi-Channel Stethoscope Automotive;
6 Channel Electronic Stethoscope with Abnormal Sound Indicator Light;
Chassis Ear Auto Diagnostic Tool with Indicator light sensitivity & headphone channel socket;
Over-ear full head, won't make you feel uncomfortable when using.

Functions and features:

This product is specially designed and developed for checking abnormal noise of automobile engine, abnormal noise of car body, abnormal noise of chassis, and is equipped with various special sensors, which can be matched for different detection environments.

1: Power indicator light & abnormal sound indicator: When the host starts, the power indicator light will light up. The abnormal sound indicator is divided into three colors: green, yellow, and red. The color change depends on the detected volume. The minimum volume is green and the maximum is red.

2: Headphone & channel socket: Use dedicated headphones to adjust the volume and monitor the source of abnormal noise. It has four channels to detect abnormal noise sources at different locations at the same time.

3: Abnormal sound indicator sensitivity adjustment switch: This rotary switch is to adjust the sensitivity of the abnormal sound indicator. If the sensitivity increases, the range of the abnormal sound indicator will increase.

4: Power switch & sound sensitivity adjustment switch: This is the power switch and adjust the receiving range of the sensor. If the sensitivity increases, the sensor's sensing range will increase.

5: Channel selection switch: You can select the channel you want to receive and transmit the sound to the headset.

The multi-Channel automotive noise finder is a portable piece of equipment to diagnose the defect with in a vehicle. When a generator is running, it can detect the impact of vibration due the failure of a bearing, gear, valve, crank, cylinder, gearbox, vehicle body noise, etc.
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