VIKTEC Brake Caliper Piston Tool

VIKTEC Brake Caliper Piston Tool
Product feature
A comprehensive kit for both push-back and wind-back disc brake piston service applications on ‘collette’ type brake assemblies.
Essential for brake pad replacement and caliper servicing.
.Enables necessary pressure to be applied to return piston into housing and provide clearance for new pads to be fitted.
.Location marks provide guide to align piston slot correctly for pad replacement.
.Kit comprises, main body/screw assembly, special locating plate and 4 adaptors covering wind-back and push-back pistons encountered on vehicles with ‘collette’ type assemblies, including: Ford, Rover, Honda, Mercedes, Toyota, VW-AUDI, Nissan, BMW, Mazda, Mitsubishi. 

Viktec offers a high-quality Brake Caliper Piston Tool(VT01771). All our tools have at least a one-year quality guarantee. If you need more information about our Brake Caliper Piston Tool(VT01771), please do not hesitate to e-mail or call us. Your inquiry will be replied to within 24 hours.