VIKTEC Tappet adjustment tool set

VIKTEC Tappet adjustment tool set
The hand tool allows micro-adjustment without disturbing the locknut which can be tightened when the correct clearance is achieved.
Knurled handle to ensure a secure grip.
Use a 12mm wrench to hold the locknut socket while using a square type driver to loosen or tighten the valve adjustment screw.
8, 9mm locknut sockets and 3mm square type driver included.
Fits most motorcycles and ATVs with screw-type tappet adjustments.
  • Chrome Vanadium Steel (CR-V)
  • Color
  • Net Weight
  • Package
    9mm socket x 1,
    8mm socket x 1,
    3mm square type driver x 1
  • Fitment
Note: The valves should be adjusted when the engine is cold.

Viktec offers a high-quality Tappet adjustment toolset(VT17716). All our tools have at least a one-year quality guarantee. If you need more information about our Tappet adjustment toolset(VT17716), please do not hesitate to e-mail or call us. Your inquiry will be replied to within 24 hours.