18 Gallon Oil Drain (75L)

oil drain
18 Gallon Oil Drain (75L)
Tank Capacity: 18 gallon (75Liter)
Collection Funnel diameter: 42cm
Pump Material: Aluminium
Draining hose(pump): 54.5cm
Evacuation hose: 1m
Suction distance(pump): 1.5m
Lift distance(pump) : 5m
Rate of Flow(pump): 0.3L/circle
Min. collection height: 122cm
Max. collection height: 185cm
Wheel-mounted waste oil drainer    
Ideal for simple waste oil change.Waste oil is drained by gravity, through a 15 litres collection funnel.    
With spring clip to  control and fix aluminium pipe,in order to adjust working height.    
With a tool pan to lay small repair tools, also you can pull oil drainer by handle of this tool pan.    
Translucent tank will clearly show the position of oil in the tank.    
Material for Tank&Funnel:High-density Polyethylene.    
Diameter for Funnel : 42cm,with filter screen.
Material for Adjustable pipe:Aluminium,5cm Dia.    
Equipped with 4x 3"casters, 3/4"Valve,Aluminum Manual Pump Set,Suction Hose,Draining Hose.    
After oil collection,use manual pump to discharge oil out. Oil can be discharged also through 3/4"Valve at the bottom.    
Oil temperature range from -30 to  80℃.

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