Water Moisture Filter In China
  • Item No: 6106
  • Product Name: Water Moisture Filter
  • Feature: Specially used for Tomatec Airbrush
The water moisture filter fits any airbrush and hose system with 1/8bsp connections.
Specially used for Tomatec Airbrush.


Water Moisture Filter 6106 detailed specification: 
A horror scenario for every airbrush artist: following hours or even days of effort, the airbrush work is almost completed when, instead of paint, something else sprays onto the picture - condensation water.
The Tomatec water moisture fulter can prevent this problem. The device screws directly to the underside of the airbrush and filters water out of the uncoming compressed air.
The device is particularly helpful if the compressor does not have a water filter of it's own. When used in conjunction with a water filter on the compressor itself, it offers particularly reliable protection.

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