Pocket Brake Fluid Tester In China
  • Item No: VT01296B
  • Product Name: Pocket Brake Fluid Tester
  • Feature: Useful tool
.Press the button for power on, green LED will light up.
.Insert the tester into reservoir for a second , then the results will be indicated correctly by LEDs.
.Auto power off .


.Green: battery ok, i.e.: no water contained in the brake fluid
.Yellow: less than 1% of water content in brake fluid
.Yellow/yellow: approximately 2% of water content in brake fluid
.Yellow/yellow/red: approximately 3% of water content in brake fluid;
The brake fluid should be changed.
.Yellow/yellow/red/red: at least 4% of water content in brake fluid; 
The brake fluid must be changed urgently, extreme danger.

Detailed picture of pocket brake fluid tester(VT01296B).

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