Personal Airbrush Makeup Mini Compressor In China
  • Item No: VT13468
  • Product Name: Personal Airbrush Makeup Mini Compressor
.New version of the mini compressor which allows to use with portable battery of mobile, USB on computer, or the connection in your car.
.Allow to laser your logo on the surface of compressor which will be lighted when it works.



a.Quiet Operation                b.Easy and simple to operate

c.Built in Airbrush Holder       d.Portable:Extremely Light-Weight

Input power:110-120V/50/60HZ,2000mA

Output Power:6V

Dimensions:14.5x6.8x4 CM(5.7"Lx2.68"Wx1.57"H)

Weight:1.1 LBS(0.5KG)

Air flow:7.5L/MIN

Maximum Pressure:15 PSI

Electric Cord:5 ft

Air Hose:5ft. Push on Rubber Surgical Hose

Quick Start:

  1. connect the airbrush to the compressor with air hose.

  2. Connect the AC Adaptor to the compressor and plug the adaptor into an electrical


  3. Push the airbrush holder into compressor as photo show.


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