Hand Held Refractometer In China
  • Item No: VT01069B
  • Product Name: Hand Held Refractometer
  • Feature: universal
Testing range:
.Battery fluid: 1.100~1.400.
.Ethylene glycol℃: -5(12.4%)~-60(66.6%).
.Propylene glycol℃: -5(14.8%)~-50(62.4%).
.Supplied with pipette and bag.


.It can be used for measuring the freezing point of either propylene or ethylene glycol based cooling system. 
.It can also be used for checking the strength of electrolyte solution batteries. 
.Ethylene Glycol: -50℃~0℃
.Propylene glycol: -50℃~0℃ 
.Cleaner: -40℃~0℃ 
.Battery: 1.100~1.400sg
 Ethylene glycol: 5°c 
 Propylene glycol: 5℃ 
.Cleaner: 5℃ battery: 0.01sg  
.Calibration: Zero calibration with water at 20℃  
.Battery: ±0.01sg 
.Ethylene (propylene) glycol/cleaner: ±5℃

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