2cc Gravity Dual Control Airbrush In China
  • Item No: 6003
  • Product Name: 2cc Gravity Dual Control Airbrush
  • Feature: Recommended for airbrush nail, makeup
.Dual-purpose, cutaway and pre-set handle for easy clean up and precise control of paint flow
.PTFE needle packing for automotive or other solvent-based paints
.Larger threads on the nozzle offer a more secure fit and better centering of the nozzle
.Redesigned tapered gravity-feed cups ensure easy clean up and more efficient paint flow


2cc Gravity Dual Control Airbrush 6003 detailed specification:
.Feed Type: Gravity
.Nozzle Size: 0.2, 0.3, 0.4mm (Please note us the nozzle size you prefer before you order our tools.)
.Cup Capacity: 2cc
.Function:  Dual control
.Working Pressure: 15-50psi
.Recommended for airbrush nail, makeup
Note: Black adjustable handle is our standard choice, and sample is available.

2cc Gravity Dual Control Airbrush 6003 includes:
1xquick release connector
1xpaint sucker
1xnozzle spanner

Detailed parts picture of 2cc Gravity Dual Control Airbrush 6003: 

Detailed package picture of the 2cc Gravity Dual Control Airbrush 6003:

2cc Gravity Dual Control Airbrush 6003 Applications:

The picture of the quick release connector:

One end connects to Tomatec airbrush, another end connects to hose.

Different handle is optional as the following picture shows. And please do kindly let us know the exact color of the handle when you place the order.

Do you want to know why we call it "Magic metal cup"?

Test Reports: PASS

Certification No.: OZ-R1309013
Reference to: IEC62321:2008

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