Battery Hydrometer In China
  • Item No: VT01177
  • Product Name: Battery Hydrometer
  • Feature: Useful tool
.Tests the battery in seconds.
.Color-coded float for easy reading.
.Material:glass tube with rubber


.Material:glass tube with rubber.

.Instrucion of use
First to install the tester carefully,let the big head glass tube which has sensing material in stay bellow,then fit the rubber tail at the bottom.
Hold the tester vertically,put the rubber tail into the testing liquid,squeeze the ball and  inhale enough liquid to enable the inner glass tube move freely.
The mark on the inner glass tube which is equivalence with the surface of liquid indicate the condition:
red:1100-1205   discharged
white:1205-1260  low charge
green:1260-1300  fully charged
It will not accurately test  if water has been added to the cell.
It must have enough battery cell to enable the inner glass tube to float freely.
Wash the battery hydrometer with clean water after use,it can be reused.

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