5pc Cylinder Leak Detector In China
  • Item No: VT01060B
  • Product Name: 5pc Cylinder Leak Detector
  • Feature: universal
.Function:test cylinder leak.
.Tester checks the amount of leakage in an engine cylinder and helps determine the source.
.Best used when comparing a suspect cylinder to a know good cylinder on same engine.
.Ideal for testing trucks & late model cars where clearance is minimal.


.Equipped with 2-1/2"input pressure gauge for proper leakage test setup and accurate results.
.Designed to detect a variety of common engine faults including: .worn piston rings, worn valves, cylinder head cracks and blown head gaskets.
.Suitable for use on any petrol engine with 10, 12 or 14mm spark plugs.
.Supplied in carry-case with instructions.
.No. of gauges: 2.
.Reading: cylinder leakage%, cylinder pressure psi/bar.
.Spark plug suitability: 10, 12, 14mm.

Detailed picture of cylinder leak detector (VT01060B).

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