17pc Diesel Engine Compression Test Kit In China
  • Item No: VT01050
  • Product Name: 17pc Diesel Engine Compression Test Kit
  • Feature: Diesel Engine
.Use to identify worn valves and piston rings.
.Includes adaptors for most diesel cars, trucks and tractors.
.Easy to read dial gives an accurate. measurement of individual cylinder pressures to a maximum of 70Bar.


.Suits both direct and indirect injection diesel engines.
.Suitable for diesel engines on truck, car, generators, and other machinery.
.Comes in a blow-mould case to keep your tools safe and in easy reach.
.Manometer dial gauge measures in both PSI and BAR ratings. 
.Also features quick-connect fittings for quick and easy changes.

Glow plug adaptor 91mm M10×1
Glow plug adaptor 119mm M10×1
Glow plug adaptor 135mm M10×1.25
Glow plug adaptor 118mm M22×1.5
Glow plug adaptor 113mm M10×1
Glow plug adaptor 102mm M8×1
Glow plug adaptor 83mm M10×1
Glow plug adaptor 67mm M10×1.25
Glow plug adaptor 51mm M12×1.25
Injector adaptor 88mm M24×1.5
Injector adaptor 75mm M22×1.5
Injector adaptor 63mm M24×2
Injector adaptor 75mm M20×1.5
Screw adaptor 160mm   M18x1.5 
Dial gauge 340mm 
H fitting 
Bleed valve                               

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