15pc Thread Repair Kit In China
  • Item No: VT01074
  • Product Name: 15pc Thread Repair Kit
  • Feature: Creates a stronger internal thread
.Creates a stronger internal thread in soft metals.
.Ideal for repairing damaged or stripped internal threads.
.Protects tapped threads against wear and damage.
.Set includes drill bit, thread tap, insert installation and lug breaking tool.


.10pc Wire Thread Inserts.
.1pc Installation Tools.
.1pc Break Pin Tools.
.1pc Twist Drills.
.1pc Hex Key.
.1pc Taps.

.VT01074A: M10*1.0*13.5mm.
.VT01074B: M10*1.25*13.5mm.
.VT01074C: M10*1.5*13.5mm.
.VT01074D: M12*1.25*16.3mm.
.VT01074E: M12*1.5*16.3mm.
.VT01074F: M12*1.75*16.3mm.
.VT01074G: M14*1.25*12.4mm.
.VT01074H: M9*1.25.
.VT01074I: M14*1.5.

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